Aurora HDR Pro by Macphun and Trey Ratcliff

A New Way To Process Your HDR Photos

Yesterday a product dropped that I was very curious to try out. While on a photowalk with Trey Ratcliff in August he mentioned a couple of times that he had a new HDR software coming out. That was interesting to me as since 2011 I have known him for his HDR work, and he has really sung the praises of Photomatix. When you have his notoriety for HDR though I think that you have a punch list of things that you want to see in the software that starts the process. Knowing just how many photos he processes I knew that this would have to be something amazing if he was on board. I decided to process a photo that I made during the photowalk with the new software. I made a couple of adjustments in Lightroom after the fact, but for the most part this came straight out of the program. I really like the glow feature that adds a little extra to the photo. I am just starting to use the product so I will let you know a little more about it as I use it more. So far though I can see myself using Aurora HDR more than I have been using Photomatix lately.

Four Years of HDR Processing

As I wrote the above paragraph I started thinking about how I first started making HDR photographs. In November of 2011 I was about one month in to my photo a day project. I was looking for a way to make my photos pop a bit more. I saw some of Trey’s work, and was instantly inspired. I watched his free videos on HDR processing followed by his paid videos. I then went on a tear using HDR processing on everything including dogs and pizza. I have since found a happy medium where I feel comfortable with what needs to be processed and why it does. My name is David and I have not used HDR processing on a dog in over three years. With a new software to try out though I may try and put myself in some tough situations so that I can really test this product out.

A Jury Duty Update

If you read yesterdays’ post then you know that a week of traveling was punctuated so to speak with a summons for jury duty. It was a long week, but I knew that I wanted to serve so I went to court. I was selected for the jury, and of course enjoyed the experience. The jury summons is not always a bad thing.


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