Frozen Hedges

Stopping For a Photo Before You Are Even in the Park

When we went to Disney World this past summer my family had to stop a few times so that I could make a photo. Here we stopped before we even made it into the park so that I could make this photo. What you don’t see are the individual photos of the kids in front of the hedges here imitating the poses. We eventually made it into the park, and had a good time. Of course that was after a small photo shoot out in front before.

Jury Duty

As this posts I will be at the Tippecanoe County Courthouse reporting for jury duty. This has been an interesting week with trips back and forth to the hospital in South Bend. Last night we cut our trip up north short so that I could get back for this jury duty. I have always said that I wouldn’t mind serving for jury duty, but of course it comes during the worst week possible.


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