Taking the Long Road

Finding a New Way Home

While I was heading home from shooting an Indiana State football game in October I saw this road just off of the highway. I put on my turn signal, and made my way down it. I decided with the leaves changing colors that I would take the long way home. I did not always know where I was, but I saw some interesting things along the way. This was the very first thing that I saw on that trip though so I knew that I was in for a treat.

The Canon 24-105mm Lens

This little lens has seen a lot of use since I picked it up for a vacation this past summer. I really wanted it in 2012 for a trip to San Francisco, but I didn’t think it would work well on a crop frame sensor. On my Canon 5D Mark III or my Canon 1DX though it works very well. When you are out on a road trip like this one you never know what you will see. Having the ability to zoom out to 24 or in to 105 is amazing. Today I am shooting a wedding, and the 24-105 will play a vital role on top of a remote camera for me. It is a camera that has not left my bag since I bought it. It is a stop slower than my 24-70mm lens, but for most of what I shoot that does not come into play.


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