Morning Light in Chicago

Watching the Sun Come Up in the Windy City

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where the light is beautiful, but you cannot get out to see it. That was the case a few weeks ago in my hotel room in Chicago. I was trying to get two little girls ready to head out into the city as the golden light of the sun started to hit the buildings. I saw some interesting shadows on the windows across from our hotel so I decided this was a safe photo to make. As I was making the photo I knew that it would be a black and white just because of the lack of color in the photo. The golden light drew me in, but it was not enough to carry the photo. In the end the patterns carries this photo.

One Year With the Canon 7D Mark II

I was thinking that I have now had the Canon 7D Mark II for just over a year. Despite the recent backlash against the camera it actually is a very good camera that has a significant purpose in sports photography. I may have to update my review of the camera in the next couple of days with a little extra knowledge that I have gained over the course of the last year. While I do not use it like I once did it still has a big place in what I do.


One Reply to “Morning Light in Chicago”

  1. The windy city is wonderful… my favourite! I’ve been there last year! I can’t wait to see it again! great pic… I’m a beginner photographer 🙂 I hope one day to come back! I’d like to follow each others 🙂 Ciao! GiusyR

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