The Grissom Air Museum

Walking Through History at the Grissom Air Museum

This past summer I went a few miles out of my way to see the Grissom Air Museum. It had been over twenty years since my previous visit so I made some time before covering a Kokomo Jackrabbits game. It really is amazing to walk around and see what our heroes used to defend us over the course of the last 100 years or so. From the brave crews of the B-17 bombers to the two men crews of the F-14. You are not only fighting the enemy, but also the laws of nature up in the air. There is no room for mistakes. Here on Veteran’s Day I think that it is important to look back at what brought us here. All across the United States today there will be celebrations for those who have served. Go out and join one of them to thank a Veteran for what they have done. While you are at it you can do it the other 364 days of the year too if you are so inclined.

The War Photographs of Robert Capa

While not exactly a veteran in the military sense Robert Capa walked right alongside the men fighting in many wars. The last of those ultimately cost him his life. His iconic photos of the D-Day invasion put the viewer right in the middle of that scary scene. Just imagine what could have been had we been able to see his entire take from that day. He made 106 photos of the invasion, but only 11 survived an accident in the Life developing lab. Imagine risking your life in a V boat charging a beach with only a camera in your hand. Then imagine doing that, and most of your take is ruined before it is ever seen. Many have risked it all to bring back images of the war since it was first done in the Civil War. Robert Capa may just be the most famous to have done so. It takes a special person to risk it all to document the war. I don’t think that I could do it. Thankfully there are those that can so that we have a record of just how brave our soldiers really are.

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