Fall at the Fountain

Walking Around Campus in the Fall

Sunday morning I was on the campus of Purdue for a photo shoot, and after the shoot was over I spent some time walking around the campus. It is funny how when I visit another school I spend time walking their campus, but I don’t just walk around at Purdue very often. It really is a beautiful campus, but I think I don’t walk around Purdue much because it is always there. It is one of those things that you can do tomorrow. Sometimes though you have to make tomorrow today and just do it. I really need to make more time to explore the campus that is right in my backyard.

One Last Soccer Match

Tonight I will be in Bloomington to watch Purdue battle Indiana for the Golden Boot. If the weather cooperates I may walk the campus a little before the match. One of my Twitter friends who photographs for IU has been posting some great fall photos from the campus. Hopefully tomorrow I have a photo with Purdue holding the boot, and then some photos of another campus in the fall following that.