Purdue Soccer Reclaims the Golden Boot

Purdue Soccer Beats Indiana 2-0 to Close Out Their Season

Last night I made the trip down to Bloomington to see Purdue take on Indiana in soccer. Even though I have photographed many Purdue soccer games, this was my first game with the boot on the line. For some reason I have never seen the teams play for this very cool trophy. Even though Indiana is tough to beat at home this season I had a good feeling that Purdue would take back the boot so I decided to head down to the school down south. This time of the year it actually is a very scenic trip down there so it really was worthwhile. Of course the win made the trip home very fun as well.

A New Exposure Page

I created an Exposure page for the match last night that you can find here. I really have latched onto the format this year. Last year I dabbled in it a little before pushing it aside. I have found that it does tell a story very well though so I will keep bringing it out when I think that the situation warrants it.

Collecting the Hardware

My last two trips to Bloomington have been good ones. I saw the Purdue Volleyball team win the Golden Spike a couple of weeks ago, and now the Purdue soccer team has the Golden Boot. This weekend the football team plays for the cannon, and of course the Bucket game is coming up at the end of November. By that time I hope to have a lot of hardware photos in my portfolio.


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