The Path To The Wine

The Hidden Gems of the Intercontinental Hotel

Last weekend many things stood out to me about the Intercontinental Hotel. One of them was this great way to showcase the wine selection above the Michael Jordan restaurant. Right away I knew that I had a photo here. You have most of the lines of the photo leading you right to the wine at the end of the ‘bridge.’ It was a truly amazing sight that made me want to try one or two of the bottles at the end. Of course it was nine in the morning so I just decided to make a photo. One thing about the older hotels is that everywhere you look there seems to be something amazing around the corner.

Changing Gears

This weekend will be an interesting one. Today as this posts I will be on my way to Terre Haute to cover the football game between the #18 Indiana State Sycamores and #8 North Dakota State. This should be a great game, and I have assignments to cover aspects of the game for both teams. I am sure that you will see photos from that tomorrow. I also plan on doing a little sight seeing on the way there and back. This time of year is beautiful so why not use the drive to make some photos? I am sure that some of those will make their way onto the blog as well over the course of the next week.

2015 MiLB Photo of the Year

I know that I have been spamming my posts each day with a plea to vote for my Josh Bell photo in the MiLB awards, but it really is something that I feel strongly about. Voting continues over the course of the next week, and the result could have a bearing on what I do next summer. I am not one who cares much about awards, but this one could lead to much more. If you have a minute please vote for my celebration photo here. I promise that I will stop spamming my own posts in a couple of days when the voting finishes.


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