The Windows of the Intercontinental Pool

Seeing the Intercontinental Pool For the First Time

Usually when we visit a new place or stay in a new hotel I take a look at it several days before we go to see just what are the features that I want to see when I visit. Leading up to my trip to Chicago last weekend I was busy traveling and making images so I did not do my normal pre visit look at the hotel we would be staying at. In fact for once I really had no idea of the location of the hotel. The one thing that I knew before I looked anything up was because of my step-daughter. She told me that the pool was amazing. When I looked up a couple of photos of the pool I saw that she was right. The pool was really something else. You don’t see anything like this anymore. This was built at a time when money was not the only concern during the design process. They built something amazing that would stay for many years. I have some photos of the pool room from a wide view, but I liked this shot of just the ornate windows letting light into the room. When I saw them I knew that I was on to something. Everything was thought out in this room including the windows.

2015 MiLB Photo of the Year

I know that I have been spamming my posts each day with a plea to vote for my Josh Bell photo in the MiLB awards, but it really is something that I feel strongly about. Voting continues over the course of the next week, and the result could have a bearing on what I do next summer. I am not one who cares much about awards, but this one could lead to much more. If you have a minute please vote for my celebration photo here. I promise that I will stop spamming my own posts in a couple of days when the voting finishes.


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