Dinner at Navy Pier

Sometimes the Food Can Wait

This past weekend I spent some time in Chicago with my family. As we sat down to eat Friday night I noticed the light was very nice outside. I excused myself from the table, and spent about ten minutes making some photos while the light was even. Of course with what I do this is something that is not new to them. In fact as I was leaving the restaurant I had the thought that nobody blinked when I said I was leaving for a second. A quick walk up a flight of stairs and this scene was staring me right in the face. I do not take a tripod to dinner, but maybe I should. I lined up the buildings I wanted in the scene, and then held as steady as I could to make the picture. Of course is was so beautiful that I pulled out my phone to make a photo to show right away. Even the Instagram photo looked great. By the way dinner was great when I got back to the table, but I had a few extra photos of a beautiful night to show as well.

2015 MiLB Photo of the Year

I know that I have been spamming my posts each day with a plea to vote for my Josh Bell photo in the MiLB awards, but it really is something that I feel strongly about. Voting continues over the course of the next week, and the result could have a bearing on what I do next summer. I am not one who cares much about awards, but this one could lead to much more. If you have a minute please vote for my celebration photo here.


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