It’s a Blood Moon and a Super Moon!

The Skies Clear Just In Time For a Great Show

Last night I had just about given up on seeing the rare super moon eclipse when I saw a break in the clouds. I loaded up my car and took off to a country road that I have not photographed on in a long time. Early on in the life of this blog I spent some time on that road learning how to compose a shot. It was a gravel road at the time, and now it has been nicely paved. The little trip west allowed me to see the moon a little sooner than I would have if I had stayed at home. On a night when I thought that I would not see the moon I was pleasantly surprised that I could. With the short notice that I could shoot the moon all I came up with was this shot of the moon set against the black sky. I wanted some foreground interest in my photo, but I did not think that we were going to see it. Oh well I can get the shot I was thinking about in 2033.

Photographing the Blood Moon is Not Easy

The last time that a blood moon occurred I made a terrible mistake. I did not put my CF card in my camera, and I was just shooting jpegs on my SD card. Not having the RAW image was not a good thing. I made sure that I had everything that I needed this time though. I knew that once the Earth casts its’ shadow on the moon it would get dark in a hurry. I would need all of the data that I could get to make a good image. I realized while I was shooting the moon just how bad my tripod has gotten. I normally do not have a heavy lens on it so I didn’t realize just how rickety it had become. It was basically a glorified monopod as I had to support it while shooting the moon. At exposures of 1/10th and 1/15th of a second that is not a good thing. I may have to fix that problem in the near future. Even at that slow of a shutter speed I was pushing the limits of my Canon 7D Mark II. For my sports work I don’t like to use the camera above ISO 2500. I was at 6400 and even 12800 during this shoot. I did not stay there long as I could see the grain on the LCD screen. That is not a good thing. Normally the moon is easy to shoot if you just expose for the moon. A blood moon is so dark that it presents a new challenge of finding enough light to expose it properly. I think that the next one of these will occur in 2033. By then the cameras should be very capable of solving this problem.

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