Purdue Football vs Bowling Green

Purdue Comes Up Just Short Against Bowling Green

Yesterday I was back inside Ross Ade Stadium making photos of the Purdue football team again. There really is nothing like a college gameday. Walking to the stadium you hear the band plays and the buzz of the fans. As Purdue started to take control of the game yesterday the fans responded in a way that gives you goosebumps. The roar of the crowd gets to me as a photographer. You know that you are documenting something great. Yesterday the final result was not what I wanted to see. There were positives to take from the game though. Freshman quarterback David Blough looked good during his first start. For someone with as little game experience as he has you would never have guessed it by his demeanor. He looked poised and ready to go. An early rushing touchdown for him may have helped. He added a couple through the air as the game went on. You have to wonder if we saw the start of something special yesterday.

Purdue vs. Bowling Green Photo Gallery

Instead of posting many photos here on the blog I will direct you to my Exposure page that I made for the game. You can view my images here. There is a little magic going on there in the way that they make the photos look with only a 5mb file to use. I think that Facebook needs to take some notes on how to compress files. For some reason my football Exposure posts don’t get the traction that my posts on other sports do. You would think that with a bigger fan base they would get more, but they do not. I may just reserve Exposure for the smaller sports. Although with homecoming on the horizon that might make for an interesting photo story.


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