Purdue Hockey Wins Their Season Opener 10-3

Purdue Hockey Beats Ball State to Open the 2015-2016 Season

Last night I was back in Fishers photographing hockey again. I love hockey, and I do not get to photograph it often enough. One great thing about where I am at right now is that I make my schedule. I don’t have to photograph the sports that I don’t care for so much this winter, and I can focus on the sports that I do like. One reason that I have not started shooting for the wire services is the fact that I want to make things with the teams I shoot for. I feel that the people who shoot for the wires come in and just take the pictures and leave. I want to help make something with the teams that I shoot for. This season with the Purdue Hockey team I hope to make a lot of pictures of them winning. From what I saw last night that won’t be a problem. It was an early season game with some early season mistakes on both sides. Once those tighten up though I think that it will be a very interesting season.

The Grab Camera

For most sports I usually have a second body ready to shoot the things too close for my main body. My grab camera is set up for the action right in front of me so I can just pick it up and fire. Last night for instance I prefocused the camera on the area on the boards where I could not get a shot with my 70-200mm lens. Today in football I will pick a spot where I think the action will be and prefocus there. You don’t expect a lot of shots from the grab camera, but sometimes like the shot above you make something that you like. It just shows a different view from the game.

Purdue Hockey vs Ball State Photo Gallery

This is the place where I usually post a few extra images that I liked from the game. Last night I put a large batch of images into an Exposure page where I think they look much better. You can find that page here.

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