Day One of the Boiler Box Challenge

The 2015 Boiler Box Challenge

The Boiler Box Challenge is a fun tournament that this year includes Purdue, Notre Dame, South Dakota, and Ball State. Purdue came away the big winners on day one of the Boiler Box Challenge going 2-0 by beating South Dakota and Ball State. Notre Dame and South Dakota finished the day 1-1. This is my second year covering the tournament for Notre Dame. Day one is a nice day, but day two the teams play in Mackey, and that is the real draw. Hopefully a large group of fans comes over from the upset of Virginia Tech to fill Mackey Arena to capacity. The large crowd would make for some nice backgrounds.

The Dimke Sisters

Last years I photographed the Nichol sisters during this tournament, and this year Purdue invited another team with a sibling on it to Holloway Gymnasium. Sydney Dimke is the older sister of Purdue sophomore Lydia Dimke. I kept waiting for a chance to get both sisters at the net. The photo above was one that I liked of both of them in the middle of the action.

Shooting a Multi Team Volleyball Tournament

This year I have two teams in the Boiler Box Challenge. I am shooting for both Notre Dame and South Dakota. While having two teams can make for a log day it presents an interesting challenge when they play each other. You still need to get your shots while shooting both of them. One great thing about volleyball is that you can cover it from many angles. Sometimes I want to stay behind my team to get a celebration shot of them. You don’t have to take that chance when you are covering both teams. You can shoot one team at the net, and then pan down when the celebration occurs. I like the way that shooting both teams helps me get a little more creative than I normally would be. It also keeps you on your toes for the match. I brought the kitchen sink as far as lenses go yesterday to help me get a little more creative. Sometimes when you switch up your gear you think a little differently.

Boiler Box Challenge Photo Gallery

I have created an Exposure gallery for the tournament much like I did last year. You can find that page here. I also have included a few of my favorite photos below as well.


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