The Indy Indians Stay Alive Against the Columbus Clippers

Indianapolis Comes Back to Win 6-5 Against Columbus

Last night I was back in Indy one last time this season to shoot the Indianapolis Indians. They are in the middle of a best of five series with the Columbus Clippers for the Governor’s Cup. I have five volleyball games and a football game over the next two days so I will not be able to shoot the last game(s) for them this season. No matter what though they showed a lot in the come from behind win last night. Indy fell behind 4-0 early. Being down 0-2 in the series it would have been easy to just fold up there, and call it a season. They stormed back though to take the lead and play another day. This is a fun team to watch. They really enjoy playing the game, and it shows on the field.

Tony Sanchez For Player of the Year

I don’t normally pick favorite players when I cover a team. There are players who are more photogenic than others with the way that they play, but I don’t single one out usually. Here though you kind of have to. From day one Tony Sanchez has been a great guy. If you have seen the way that he is with the kids it is amazing. Before the game he gives away old equipment to wide eyed kids. He also caught some warm up pitches from Tyler Glasnow with a young mans mitt while the young kid had Tony’s. From the small sample size that I have seen he is a great guy that in all honesty I hope that I never see play in Indy again. The thing about watching Triple A players is that you hope that you see them play for the parent club next season. This game was full of players that I don’t think I will see play in Indy again, but I hope Tony is one of them.

Switching Gears

As I said above this is an action packed weekend. I am working for both Notre Dame and South Dakota as they play in a volleyball tournament here at Purdue. Five matches over the course of two days. Thank goodness they play each other during the tournament or it would be six matches. Throw Virginia Tech football coming to town into the mix, and it makes for a very busy weekend. I want to shoot a bit of the Virginia Tech game. How much I can shoot depends on how fast the game goes. I think that I will only get to shoot the first half. Hopefully it goes fast enough that I will be able to see some of the 2001 Rose Bowl team honored at the half.

Indianapolis vs. Columbus Photo Gallery

I have been very lucky during my time with the Indians to have some of the photos that I make selected for the Photos of the Week by Minor League Baseball. Hopefully this week they will pick one of mine again. You can see some of my images in last week’s gallery here. Below are a few images that I liked from the night.


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