Purdue Football vs Virginia Tech

Purdue and Virginia Tech Face Off in West Lafayette

Yesterday I took in most of the first half of the Purdue football game against Virginia Tech. I had to get over to Mackey Arena to shoot volleyball so I left with a couple of minutes remaining in the first half and the score tied at 17. I might have heard Virginia Tech score before I made it all the way out of the stadium, but I am not sure. As far as I am concerned that was a tie ball game. I don’t want to hear anything about what happened in the second half.

The 2000 Big Ten Champs Return

One thing that I missed by having to leave early was seeing the 2001 Rose Bowl team on the field again. I did get to see them on the sidelines, and it brought back some memories. I loved hearing Tim Stratton yell for the ball to go to the tight end every play. When he played I think that would have been a good idea. This was a special team that will always get an ovation in Ross Ade Stadium.

A Basketball Preview

The basketball squad was on hand to watch the game yesterday. It was my first chance to see Biggie Swanigan in person. He is a big boy, and with the supporting cast around him basketball season should be fun. Before that can happen though we have more football to watch. Purdue has Bowling Green at home next week. Any day in Ross Ade Stadium is a good day so I will be back with my camera to see what I can capture.

Purdue vs. Virginia Tech Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos from the game that I liked. I will not make an Exposure page for the game because I did not stay for the game. Next week I may try one again though when the Boilermakers face Bowling Green.


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