Nine Years of Blogging!

Nine Years Ago Today I Started My First Blog

It is hard to believe it, but nine years ago today I started my first blog. I was super excited about some photos I was getting with my dSLR, and I wanted to come up with a way to show some of them off. Looking back on the photos that I was proud of is kind of hard. They are not very good compared to what I can make now. I got a lot of support though so it took me a long time to figure out that the photos were not very good. You can see the very first post that I made on that blog here. I have not really actively posted on it for a while now, but I can’t bring myself to delete it. I think I will just leave it up as a way to show just how far you can come in a short period of time. I basically spent the first few years of the blog doing the same thing with my camera not understanding why my shots would be good at times, and terrible other times. I shot in TV mode which at the time I did not understand was shutter priority mode. I was letting the camera make some of the decisions for me, and that was why my shots could be hit or miss. In 2011 that all changed and I took up photography as a serious hobby. Sometimes I still can’t believe that it turned into even more than that. This weekend is a busy one for me so I won’t have much time to think about that. It will be all about making the best images that I can for the teams that have hired me.

Making the Photo Above

The shot above was one of my favorite shots for a long time. Kory Sheets was in the midst of stretching for a touchdown against Ball State. He would score, and my photo would be one that I would look to as something that I could do from the stands. When I opened the issue of Gold and Black Illustrated the following week I would see a photo of the exact same moment that Tom Campbell had made. That was all I needed to see to know that I made a good picture. Of course Tom was on the field where the photos are a little harder to get. You have more things going against you on the field to making a good picture. In the stands you just have to worry about the over zealous fan jumping up a bit too early and getting in your frame. That actually happened here so I had to crop part of the right side out. In the end though I had minimal gear making photos that I liked at the time. As I think about it now that is the perfect way to be. I was perfectly happy with what I was doing not knowing just how addicting shooting from the sidelines could be.

A Little Throwback Data

This photo was made with my Canon Rebel XT camera with the 75-300mm lens on it. Fully zoomed out I was shooting at f/5.6. It is amazing how far cameras have come in a short time. The Rebel had a whopping 8mp. Even with that said the file does not look too bad even cropped down here. That 75-300mm lens is one that I rarely use now. I think that I have picked it up once in the last four years. With that said though it got the job done that I needed it to when I used it. I think that I may attend an event for fun this year and bring this old equipment to see what I can get with it. It would be the ultimate experiment. Of course I would probably not like the 3 frames per second and the small LCD screen. Maybe I will just wonder what I could do with it instead.

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