Sunset At Victory Field

Fun Times At Victory Field

Last week I was very grateful to be able to shoot two playoff wins at Victory Field for the Indianapolis Indians. Both games were very fun to photograph, but the first game last Wednesday was a little more fun. On my way down to the stadium from West Lafayette I drove through a lot of rain. It cleared out by the time that the game started, but the clouds stuck around. Those clouds allowed for a more even light on the players as the sun went down. The normal shadow on half of the field shoot did not happen. What did happen was a glorious sunset. It was not the fire in the sky variety that I like to shoot, but rather a nice purple hue. I knew that I had a picture here.

Risking All For a Shot

I spent an entire inning in the upper deck as the sunset happened. When the sky could go crazy at any second you can’t wait until it starts. You have to be there in position when it does. The sky went through a few changes as I sat up there, but I liked this one the best. This is a beautiful park to begin with so when you add a sunset to the scene it just makes a great thing even better. A great bonus is the way that the scene reflects off of the J.W. Mariott building in the background. It just adds to the photo. I thought that this photo was worthy of a post of its own instead of being lumped in with the other photos from that first game. If al goes well I will be back in Indy Thursday night to see the Indians clinch the Governor’s Cup. That would mean that they would have swept Columbus though which would not be an easy task.


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