Purdue Faces Indiana State Football

Purdue Defeats Indiana State 38-14

Yesterday I made my first trip of the season to Ross-Ade Stadium to see Purdue take on Indiana State. This was the second time in two weeks that I have photographed Indiana State, and my first chance to see Purdue play this season. I was at a wedding last week when they played so as far as I was concerned Purdue was playing their first game. The Boilers had many aspects that looked great on Saturday. One of them that stood out to me was just how tough D.J. Knox runs. You have to be a man to tackle this guy. It was fun to see the boys in black (ok grey this game) on the field again. Next weekend I will only be able to see the first half or so of the game so I decided to make the most out of this day. You really can’t beat a day on the field at a college football game. Everything about the day is great from the bands to the plays on the field. I have not seen the numbers yet, but Purdue had a good turnout for the game, and I assume that many more will be in attendance for the Virginia Tech game next week.

The Hail Mary

As the first half was winding down Purdue was just out of range to throw a Hail Mary pass. Then they completed a pass that put them in range. They just had to spike the ball to have a chance. As they were doing that I ran to put most of my gear up against the stands so that it would not get trampled by the bands. I then ran to the sidelines and positioned myself in between the goal line and the five yard line. As the play developed I was thrilled when the action was facing me. Even better the celebration came right at me. I went to the side of the team thinking that they would run towards me to celebrate so I was happy to see that they did. A lot of things went right for this shot to work. One thing that really hurt it though in my opinion was the fact that all of the band members that were seated in the background of the shot were on the field. Their absence in the stands makes for a distracting background. I think the fans in the background would have made this a great shot instead of a good shot.

Finding A Place

After the game I came home to edit my photos. This past week I have seen my photos used all over the place. I have had local and national organizations pick them up. As I said yesterday I came into the game very inspired to make some cool photos. As I was rushing to edit my photos I realized that only you my readers would see these images. After having a great week of shooting it was a downer to realize that shots that I liked would not have a spot anywhere. I think that I have to make sure that I don’t have that problem anymore.

Two Years Later

This was a fun game for me because of the fact that it was just about two years ago that I made a photo that helped me get the pass that I currently am using. The shot I made of Purdue as they took the field against Notre Dame is one that really opened some eyes and doors for me. Even as I posted the shot the next day I talked about how I was not too thrilled with the photo. It has been weird to see it all over the place the last two year. As I said though it has opened some doors for me that may not have been opened so it that respect I like the photo. So here I was on the sidelines two years later making pictures of the football team and thinking about how far my photography has come in that time. At the time that I made the image I thought that I needed a year or so to really work on it before I would try and get work using my photography. That photo kind of accelerated that process a bit for me. Looking back on my photos from my first couple of games down on the field I laugh at what I thought was a good photo. It amazes me just how far I have come in two years. I can’t wait to see what the next two years has in store for me.

More Photos From the Purdue game vs Indiana State

Below I have included a couple of extra photos from the game. I also have created an Exposure page with over 130 photos from the game. It was the first game of the year so I shot it very heavy.


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