Paddling Through Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Spending Some Time Away From It All

I will take a short break from sports to share another photo that I made in Pewaukee, Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. We spent the weekend with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, and had a great time. From doing a little recon before the trip I knew that at one point I wanted to visit the downtown area because of the interesting buildings. I never got to make the trip that I wanted to. As luck would have it though we went right by it on the boat while cruising around the lake. Another stroke of luck was the group of paddle boarders that came into the image. When I first started making photos I would have been angry that they ruined my shot. I wanted cleaner images. What I had were boring images though. I like the way that the people give the photo a little life.

Using the Canon G16 To Make the Photo

This was a lucky photo because I really didn’t tell anyone that I was making it. We were just cruising around the lake, and I had my Canon G16 out making photos of the kids. When I saw this scene I turned and made the photo. We were only square with the buildings for a couple of seconds, but having the light camera already in my hands allowed me to make the photo. The G16 is a great camera for those times that you don’t want the large dSLR around your neck. I was on a mini vacation after all.

Getting Re-Energized

While at the lake house I found a scrapbook of images and trinkets from the Boilers run for the roses in 2000. What I enjoyed the most though was looking through the photographs the Tom Campbell made during that run. Most of the images in the scrapbook came directly from the pages of Gold and Black Illustrated. I really started making images from the stands because of the images that I saw Tom make in the magazine. I couldn’t wait to get my copy in the mail to see if we had any of the same moments. I was thrilled when I did. It seems funny that I will find myself next to him on the sidelines again today. He was the first name that I really knew when it came to photography. Seeing those photos really reminded me of just how lucky I am to be doing what I am doing. With no real affiliation to the university I never know what game will be my last shooting from the sidelines. I think that I need to make my photos reflect that today. For all that I know this could be the last season that Purdue gives me a pass. I have to make the most of that season, and make the best photos that I can. It is funny how a trip away from sports for the weekend actually made me appreciate what I do that much more.


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