Butterflies at the Indianapolis Zoo

Going Back to the Butterfly Exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo

It seems like we make at least one trip every year to the Indianapolis Zoo to see the butterflies each year. I usually chase down this butterfly the entire time because of the way that it looks. I had an idea for a black and white photo with it that would look cool in my mind. Of course when it landed on this surface I knew that it was better than any idea I could have come up with. Sometimes nature can come up with better ideas than you can.

Check Out the New Website

Lately I have been thinking about updating my website. I love what SmugMug has allowed me to do over the years. I wanted something a bit cleaner than what I had with less clutter. I decided that this was best done away from the SmugMug platform. Using the tools inside of Squarespace I was able to build a new website fairly quickly. If you want to go and check it out you can by clicking here, or by visiting davewegielphoto.com or davewegielphoto.net.


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