Reach For The Sky

Making the Most Out of What You Have

Sometimes it takes a photo a while to appear on this blog. This photo that I made on Memorial Day weekend is an example of one of those. We had a gorgeous sunset happening so we went out to the backyard to see it. I thought that it would be a good idea to silhouette the kids against the sunset. The photo above is of my step daughter as she danced in the beautiful light. Most photographers travel to find beautiful situations, but sometimes it is in your own backyard.

A Special Thank You

I just wanted to stop for a moment and thank everyone who stops by to read this little blog. I have not had a chance to talk about it yet, but August was another great month. It was my best August yet, and the feedback helps me keep going. Also with the last view on Saturday night this little blog surpassed the total views for 2014. I don’t always go for sheer numbers with this blog, but the fact that in early September I have already passed last years total shows me that I am doing something right. Thanks again for stopping by.


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