The Statue of Dreams

“Looking Into My Dreams, Awilda”

A few days ago I posted a little bit about this statue at the entrance to Millennium Park. The statue is called “Looking Into My Dreams, Awilda,” and was created by Juame Plensa. You may know some of his other work in the park like the Crown Fountain that is right next to this. Juame has a way to capture the human face, and this is certainly a striking way to enter the park.

Looking For Colors That Play Well Together

I like this photo for a couple of reasons. The first is that I like the way that the statue looks in its location. I don’t know that the photo would have made the blog though if not for the way that the yellows and blue play off of each other here. The sun had not risen yet so the sky was very blue yet. It played very well with the yellow lights of the park.


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