Gearing Up For Purdue Football

The 2015 Purdue Football Season Is Almost Here

Sunday afternoon the 2015 Purdue Football campaign will begin with a big road test at Marshall. If you read this blog then you know that I absolutely love baseball in just about any form. Just behind that though is college football. I don’t know where you can beat the overall atmosphere of a college gameday. The bands, the pageantry, and of course the football. I have been very lucky the last few seasons to be on the field to see Purdue football up close and personal. This season starts with great promise. A young team has struggled a bit the last couple of seasons, but they are now experienced upperclassmen that have a chance to shock some people. They are being picked last in their division this season, but that is a great spot to be in to surprise some people. I have high hopes for this team. I will be in Orlando for a family vacation later in the year, and I hope that I can break away to watch Purdue play some football in some warm weather while I am down there. It will be a hard road to get there, but that is what will make it so rewarding when they are there.

The Uniforms of Purdue

One thing that has changed with the new coach is the uniforms that the players wear. They have different looks nearly every single game which makes it fun for a photographer. We have something new to key in on, and it gives our pictures something different every game. The uniform pictured above is one that I am excited to see in person. It is the slate grey uniform that should look great with the sun hitting off of it. I am not sure what game they will wear it for, but I have a gut feeling that says Virginia Tech might get a look at these uniforms. This will be a game that I can only stay for a half of, but I will get my pictures of this cool uniform if they do indeed wear it that day. If you get a chance and the Mollenkopf Athletic Center is open a very quick detour on gameday will allow you to see all of the uniform combinations for the upcoming season.


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