The Ocean City Boardwalk

A scene on the Ocean City Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland on the Atlantic Ocean

Thinking Back to the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland

I really have not been going to the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland for very long. In fact I have only been there the last four years. Every time I go back though it feels more and more like something that I have been doing for much longer than I have. The first time I went I focused on the big things on the trip, and since then I have been trying to find smaller things that still show me a part of Ocean City. Here I went totally tourist and photographed the entrance sign to the boardwalk. When I go on a vacation I tend to make a bunch of photos for myself. At the same time I also try and still make photos like this one that help tell a story. When I put the vacation book together this is a great photo to throw in to lead off the visit to the boardwalk. It is more of a snapshot than anything, but I still like it.

Using The People To Your Advantage

When I first started making photos like this one I would try and time it so that nobody was in the photo. If I couldn’t do that I would put the camera on a tripod and make photos without the people in certain parts of the photo. Then with photoshop I could mask in all of the vacant areas giving me a nice clean photo. Over the course of the last few years though I have come to realize that people in a photo like this one are a lot like clouds in the sky for a photo. They give it just a little more interest. I could have sat here for a while and waited for someone interesting to walk by. I was with my family though so I just made the photo that I could. In the end though people on the boardwalk give it a used look that I like. I still make some ‘ghost town’ photos occasionally, but I strive to put people in my shots. They give the shot that little extra something.


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