The F-14B Tomcat

Seeing the F-14 at the Grissom Air Museum

Part of the fun of seeing the planes up close at the Grissom Air Museum is seeing the planes that you recognize from the movies. I am not that into aviation so that is the only way that I know certain planes. With so many planes out there I don’t know how people can keep up with all of them. Of course Top Gun made me aware of the F-14. As a kid I made a few models of the plane. It is an impressive craft that the pilots could really push to the limit. They have since been retired, and now you can only find them at shows and museums like this. This particular plane is made up to look like it belongs to the VFA-11 squadron or The Red Rippers as they are called. This plane also has the markings of the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy. A little light reading about the squadron shows that they were deployed off of the Kennedy. A close up look at the plane reveals the call signs of the two members of the crew. “Chi-Chi” was the pilot with “Wedge” behind him. The squadrons and call signs are all very cool to someone who is just looking in from the outside. I can only imagine that the squadron you are a part of you identify with the rest of your life. Below are a few more photos of the F-14.


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