Seeing Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me In Person

Watching a Radio Show

I don’t remember when I first found Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me on the Radio. I would guess it was around 2003 when I started making many of my road trips to various places. I would stumble across it on the radio, and it would make my trip seem a little shorter. With the age of podcasts came a great thing. I could download Wait Wait and take it with me. No matter what time the trip was or what day I could listen to the show on the road. It is a great way to make a trip seem a little better. I have even found myself slowing down a bit at times so that I could listen to the entire show. As part of an early birthday present I went to a live taping of the show last night. After listening for years I had some ideas of who I wanted on the panel, but as it turned out it seemed like the perfect panel to see in person. Long time regulars Paula Poundstone, Charlie Pierce, and Roy Blount Jr were on the panel. Of course Peter Sagel was the host with Bill Curtis keeping score. Many people first found Bill as the voice on Anchorman. I grew up watching him as the anchorman for the Chicago news. It was a great show with an added bonus of basically seeing two shows in one night. I have gone a long time before seeing my first show in person. I don’t thing that I will go as long before coming back to see it in person again. I enjoyed the show I barely picked my camera up. In fact I only did so during the Q&A at the end of the show. I did manage to make a couple of photos to post here though.


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