Watching the Perseid Meteor Shower

Staying Up To Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower

Last night I stayed up a bit too late watching the show in the sky. I was pleased to find that the hole in the trees in our backyard would be ground zero for the meteors. I pulled up a chair from the house and put on some Hans Zimmer on my iPhone. As I was setting up my gear I saw a couple of great streaks across the sky with multi colored tails. I was an hour and a half early for the show according to what I read, but they would be the best that I would see all night. I started off shooting with my Canon 50mm f/1.4 having some fun with the Milky Way. When I realized that the show had begun I switched over to my Tamron 17-40mm lens. I wanted the extra stop so I used the Tamron 17mm instead of the Canon. Or course after I was ready to go the show really did not come as I thought it would. I may have been too close to the city lights of Lafayette and West Lafayette. I still was able to view a few more streaks in the sky though. One of those you can see above.

A Cool Honor

Yesterday I was on Twitter and I noticed a familiar looking photo on a tweet. Every week picks photos to be featured in their photos of the week segment. One of my shots of Josh Bell headlined the tweet, and three of my photos made the list. I had a great time photographing the game for Charlotte and Indianapolis that night. You can see the images that made the countdown here on their site. I love to shoot baseball, and this season I have been blessed to shoot a lot of it. The season is winding down, but I plan on shooting a little more before it is over. With the college season starting up my time starts to get a little limited, but I can still make time to shoot a baseball game.


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  1. What a gorgeous capture! A couple of years ago I went camping with a group of friends to watch the Perseids away from the city lights. I was gutted that I didn’t even think of bringing my camera!

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