A Tribute To Minnie

9 On the Field Wearing #9

Yesterday we went to the U.S. Cellular Field to see the White Sox take on the Cubs. This has been a tough year for Chicago baseball icons. Early in the year the Cubs lost Ernie Banks, and shortly after that the White Sox lost Minnie Minoso. Recently Billy Pierce passed on as well. That is a lot of Chicago baseball history lost in one season. The White Sox honored Minnie yesterday by wearing his number on the field. It was great to see number nine on the field again. I wanted to get a little different perspective on the number so I went out to center to shoot behind Adam Eaton. I had a look in mind when I went out there, and what I go was not far off what I was thinking about doing. I wanted a shot with the lines leading out of the frame, and the number nine jersey at the bottom.

A Good Day Despite the Outcome

The Sox did not win the game yesterday. It was a good game though with plenty to be happy about. It was my daughters first game, and we had some fun with that. Any day that you spend in Chicago watching the White Sox is a good one. Sometimes the guys don’t get the W, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. They came back twice to take the lead, but just couldn’t do it the third time. I will be attending at least one more Sox game this season at the end of this month. Hopefully they can cap off a good day with a win.


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