Spires Everywhere

Using Cinderella’s Castle as a Backdrop

During the trip I did not want to make a bunch of photos of Cinderella’s castle. That would be too easy, and I wanted a little challenge. Of course it looked so great so many times that I ended up making many photos of it. Here I used it in the background to show a little place. Everywhere you look at the Magic Kingdom you see spires. Once you get through Main Street it seems as if they are on top of everything. Here the carousel even has one on it.

Using Presets in Lightroom

I don’t normally use presets. I used to rely very heavily on them, but I did not even load them on my computer last fall when I bought it. Sometimes though a preset can be a good thing. When you make a photo you have something in mind. Here I had this preset by Trey Ratcliff in mind when I made the photo. I thought that it had the mood that I needed to pull it off. This is his Steampunk Afternoon preset. I have wanted to use it many times, but I never thought that it worked after I applied it. This is the first photo that I have published with the preset. It just gives the photo a dreamy look that I think fits with the Magic Kingdom.


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