Magic Kingdom Mail

Sending Your Mail at the Magic Kingdom

I love the little things that make the Magic Kingdom so great to visit. Main Street is like a walk into history with the older architecture and the bunting. As a sports photographer I have been trained to see bunting as a sign of a big game. Here the bunting just means that you are in the big time. I liked this little scene as the people were lining up for the big parade that occurs everyday. The old letter box with some of the great structures in the background. For some reason this just screamed at me to be photographed.

Using the Canon 17-40mm Lens on the Trip

Most of my photos on the trip were made with my 17-40mm lens that I purchased early this year. I bought it for a couple of reasons. The first was to give myself something that would be close to my 24-70mm lens on a crop sensor camera. The other reason was to use it on my full frame body to make shots like this one. After using zoom lenses for the most part on my sports subjects I like to get really wide with my personal work. The 17-40mm is an f/4 lens. I can’t see the need to step up to the 16-35mm f/2.8 right now. The price difference is too great, and I rarely use this lens in a situation where f/2.8 would come in handy. Here I am at f/4 to slightly blur the background, but not make it unrecognizable. Over the course of the week at Disney I realized that this is a great lens. Paired with my Canon 5D Mark III I was very impressed.


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