The Beauty of Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel

We visited the Grand Floridian Hotel a couple of times on our trip. The first time I approached this grand room from overhead. I thought that it was best viewed from the second floor. On the second trip I spent more time downstairs, and in this position. Just after I made this photo a wedding shoot occurred in nearly the same spot. It was fun to watch the scene change completely with the addition of the bride and her bridesmaids. This hotel really takes you back in time about 100 years to when things were much more lavish. This was a fun hotel to visit. Each hotel near the Magic Kingdom really has a unique look and feel to it. They do a great job of even having the places that you rest your head look amazing. Standing in this room you can picture a huge party from the Great Gatsby happening right in front of you. Or it could just be a  tea party in the room at the end of this large room.


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