Alabama Shakes at White River State Park

Alabama Shakes Rocks White River State Park

Tuesday night we made our way to White River State Park to see Alabama Shakes perform. I found out about the band not too long ago when my now 20 month old daughter really grabbed on to their song ‘Hold On’. She has since really liked their music so it has become part of our routine. One thing that you notice right away when the band plays is how much command Brittany has on the stage. She is still young, and the band has not been around all that long. None of that seems to matter to her though. She owns the stage while she is up there. It is amazing to watch. Her voice and stage presence seem to be a combination that will ensure that the band stays around for a long time. This was a great show that seemed to fly by. We will be back in the crowd the next time that they come to town for sure.

Photographing a Concert with the Canon Powershot G16

It was just about a year ago that I bought my Canon G16 to take on occasions just like this one. My first real outing with the camera was to see a Jimmy Buffet show. I wrote a post talking about the concert and the camera then. I have since photographed a few concerts with the camera. For some reason you can bring in a point and shoot camera, but not a ‘professional’ camera with a detachable lens. I don’t know what exactly makes a camera a professional one, but I think that the lens detaching is probably not a factor. The camera is a great little one though that can make some great pictures. I had not picked it up in a few months prior to the show, but now that concert season is here I am sure that I will have it in my hands a lot more during the summer. It allows me to make shots like the one above that I would not normally be able to make.

Things That Make You Want to Scream (Check Your Gear Before You Leave)

When I get ready for a job I check and double check my gear. Then I do a couple of more checks to make sure that I haven’t forgotten anything. I have backup batteries and cards to make sure that things like that are not an issue. For some reason I don’t check things as well when it is a personal event. Tuesday night I went through the trouble of taking my 7D Mark II and my 70-200mm lens with the 1.4x extender attached to the concert. I made photos during the show that I liked, and made a couple knowing that I could bring part of the scene back with the data stored in the RAW file. When I got home and went to pull my card out I noticed that the CF card where I would store my RAW files was not in the camera. Only the card with the small jpeg that I use for mobile uploads was in the camera. Who would make a rookie mistake like that? Me. While getting everything ready to go in a hurry I failed to check my camera. It is something I do all of the time, but did not here. I usually do this about once a year during an event like this that is for fun, and it reminds me to perform way more checks when I have a paid event. All of the pictures that look a bit closer are small jpegs. There was not a lot I could do with them, but I had my settings pretty close at the event so I didn’t need to. The photos that I wanted to pull some extra data from will have to wait until next time.

Some Backstory on the Band

I really like the band, but I like them even more after seeing this piece that CBS Sunday Morning did on them a few weeks ago. You really see where they came from, and how far they have come in a short period of time. It really lets you see the band as they are, and that is a group of genuine people. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the night. I did not shoot too much of the concert. I danced with my little girl for a lot of it. When she was with her mother dancing though I did pick up the camera for a little photography. I have something wrong with me that won’t allow me to turn that part of me off. I am always seeing something that I want to capture. At some point you would think that I would burn out, and put the camera down but that hasn’t happened yet. I really like shooting concerts, and maybe I need to find a way to get a little closer to the action. Before Alabama Shakes came on stage Father John Misty performed. I will have a little more on his set in a few days.


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