Notre Dame Ends Their Season Against Wright State

For the second time during the weekend Wright State and Notre Dame matched up in the Champaign Regional. Wright State took a 3-0 lead in the first game of the series on Friday, but Notre Dame thundered back to win the game 13-7. On Sunday Wright State had a 3-0 lead again, but the Irish bats were just not firing. They lost the game 4-0 to end their season. This was a successful season for the Irish though. They have a lot to look forward to going in to the next season. It was a pleasure to photograph them again as they really make some good images for me.

A Close Call

For some reason it is weird for me to see a synthetic home plate instead of the real thing. In the photo above I like everything about it, but the plate. I understand the cost of having this type of field, but I would love to see dirt flying in the photo. The rubber pellets are nice, and they can do some things that dirt cannot. I have some cool photos of the ‘splash’ that the ball creates when it hits the turf. As I continue to do this I am sure that I will photograph these types of fields more and more. They can take on some rain, but just not the torrential rain that the area received Saturday.

Bonus Photos

I had a great time photographing the tournament over the weekend. When Notre Dame lost so did I. I could have stayed and photographed the final game Monday, but with no clients the photos just don’t seem to mean as much. For some reason I make better photos under the pressure of a client. I love the tournament atmosphere, and believe it or not the long days. I was making good photos all day long, and who wouldn’t love that? When the ninth inning started for the final game it was a big deal for me. It was the 25th inning of baseball that I had seen that day. My previous high was 24 in 2003. I was sitting watching those though. I felt the 25 much more shooting it. Here are some of my favorite images from the final nine innings of my day.


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