Notre Dame Baseball Beats Wright State 13-7

Notre Dame Beats Wright State in a Slugfest

The final score may not say it, but today I saw a heck of a great baseball game to start this tournament off. Both teams traded the lead before Notre Dame scored eight runs in the last two innings to take control and win 13-7. Some of the scoring was due to the wind that was blowing straight out at about 15 MPH. Both teams used timely hitting and both needed to go into their pens early on this one. Four Irish players went yard to help bring in those 13 runs. Today was a day where it seemed like any ball hit into the air could be gone.

The Uncertainty of a Baseball Tournament

Today I was back at it shooting college baseball again. I have two teams in this regional so I hope that I have a long weekend ahead of me. My first team to play the Notre Dame Fighting Irish won so I know that I will be shooting at least into Sunday now. As I write this I am waiting on game two to start. I will be shooting for Ohio University for that game. If they win I just have one game tomorrow at 8:00 at night. If they lose then I have two games again tomorrow. No matter what I am shooting baseball again, and how can you beat that?

Shooting a Baseball Game in Champaign, Illinois

For the next few days I will be in Champaign, Illinois covering the NCAA Baseball tournament for Notre Dame and Ohio. This is the first time that I have been back to the baseball diamond in Champaign since the I came here to see the Boilers play a doubleheader on April Fools Day in 2006. That was also the last season that Notre Dame made the NCAA baseball tournament. I love to shoot baseball, so any chance to prolong my college baseball season I will take. This stadium seems to have changed a bit since I was last year, but I guess so have I.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos that I liked from the game. I tried to move around a big to give the full feel of the stadium in my shots. Later tonight I should have a full gallery up on the Notre Dame website.


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