Ohio University Loses Opening Game of NCAA Tournament to Illinois

Ohio Can’t Stop the Rain or the Illini

Last night I capped off my day by shooting for Ohio University as they played the #6 National seed Illinois team. Ohio came out of the gate pumped up and ready to play. They held leads of 1-0 and 2-1 before eventually losing 10-3. The second and third innings proved to be too costly for them in the end. They had some great moments though, and they need to bounce back quickly as they face Wright State in an elimination game today at noon.

The Rain Had to Come

We really did dodge the rain the entire day. It looked like it would be hard to get both games in if you looked at the forecast. After a light drizzle before game one it was played almost entirely under sunny skies. Just before game two started I checked the forecast. Of course it said that the rain would miss us completely. Early on it did as the storm split right around the Champaign area. In the top of the third though the skies opened up. The game was delayed 11 minutes. I was out in the outfield when it happened shooting back into the batter. I took cover under some trees during the short rain. Today it does not look good for the games once again. As crazy as it sounds I kind of like the photos with a little rain in them. They just are a bit different, and you can have some fun experimenting with shutter speeds to accentuate the drops. I may get a lot of chances to do this today.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the game today. You can view my gallery on the Ohio website here as well.


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