Top 10 Purdue Baseball Photos of 2015

My Ten Favorite Purdue Baseball Photos of 2015

This past year I attended less games than I have in a long time. It seems like I had something going on every time that Purdue had a game. I only made it to six games this year. I used to make it to more when I had a two hour drive to get to the games. Next year I need to fix that. I love watching Purdue play, and if they start the season like they finished 2015 then they should have a fun team to watch next year. This year I am missing a stadium shot on the countdown. The last couple of years I spent more time at the stadium, and saw it with some great light. This season I seemed to shoot a lot during the middle of the day, or just as the golden light started to show up. I never was there during a situation that would make a great stadium shot. With that in mind let’s look at my ten favorite photos from the 2015 Purdue baseball season.

10. Starting off this countdown is Joe Eichmann. I loved his delivery, and I wanted to capture a new angle on him this year. During my first game of the season I made this image of Joe just as he starts towards home plate. I love the angle and the light here.

Shane Bryant pitches during the Purdue baseball game against Illinois State on April 28, 2015

9. Each year I try and capture a couple of images of each pitcher with the Purdue hammer and the scoreboard in the background. When I was shooting for the university I always tried to incorporate some parts of the school in certain shots. You have to remember that you are making memories for each student athlete. They will always remember pitching on this mound so I try and give them a shot to remember that with.

Purdue starter Matt Frawley pitches against Rutgers at Alexander Field

8. Of course no season is complete without the shot of the pitcher from behind the plate. I try and do a few things back there, but this one is the most standard. You want part of a batter in the foreground with the catch and umpire in if possible. This way you get some context that it is an actual game and not just practice or warm ups.

Kyle Johnson runs to third base during the baseball game between the Valparaiso Crusaders and the Purdue Boilermakers on May 12, 2015

7. While watching the Boilers play up in Valparaiso near the end of the season I decided to make as tight of shots as I could. I had some shorter lenses, but I was determined to stick with the 400mm most of the time. I went vertical on Kyle Johnson here as he made his way to third base on his way to scoring for Purdue. A few days later I made a very similar shot of Kyle back home at Alexander Field.

Purdue baseball coach Doug Schreiber spends a moment in the dugout during the Purdue baseball game against Penn State on May 14, 2015

6. Growing up in LaPorte, Indiana I was always told about the Schreiber name. Doug is the coach at Purdue now, and his father Ken Schreiber is a high school baseball legend. Doug has had a good career at Purdue so far. In 2012 he became the winningest coach at the school as well as winning the Big Ten regular season and tournament titles. I like this quiet shot of Doug in the dugout pondering a matchup.

5. When I posted about the 2015 seniors I mentioned that Brandon Krieg always seems to get dirty. Another player in that same category is Cody Strong. Cody always seems to make plays in a  cloud of dust. Here against Penn State I thought that this photo summed up his style of play very well.

4. Before each game a group of pitchers gathered to say a quick prayer. Early in the season I saw this, but I never made it back to the stadium in time to catch this moment. On what would be my last game of the season I was lucky enough to get there early to capture it. I love the peak action moments, but sometimes these quiet moments make a good picture as well. This photo could stand for so much.

Kyle Johnson makes a diving catch in centerfield during the Purdue baseball game against Penn State on May 14, 2015

2. Had I been a split second quicker this shot would have been number one on the countdown. I was talking to a father of one of the players as a ball was smoked to centerfield. Kyle Johnson made the great diving catch, and I just missed the moment before he made it. I still have the player parallel to the ground, but I want to see the ball. I still like the image though.

Jack Picchiotti catches a fly ball in foul territory during the Purdue baseball game against Maryland on April 26, 2015

2. This is a photo that I like very much from this past season. It was pure luck that I made it, and I think that is why I like it so much. I had shifted to the stands near right field to capture a Maryland batter at the plate. I was shooting the game for myself so I was making photos of the Golden Spikes second baseman for Maryland. The ball was hit to Jack Pichiotti in right field, and I panned over quickly to make this photo. I love the moment just before the ball hits the mitt, and I was lucky enough to capture that here. I keep saying luck because I was in the right spot close enough to the player to make the photo. Luck also enters into the equation because of the sun glint off of Jack’s glasses. As has been for the last couple of years Jack helps me make one of my favorite Purdue baseball photos of the year. Over the three years he has played for Purdue Jack has really given me some great opportunities to make some great photos. My portfolio has a few images of Jack in it.

Brandon Krieg slides into second base as Spencer Mahoney applies the tag during the baseball game between the Valparaiso Crusaders and the Purdue Boilermakers on May 12, 2015

1. This photo is my favorite Purdue baseball photo of the year. Here is Brandon Krieg who I mentioned before getting dirty at Valpo. He really played the game hard, and did what he had to do to. Here he went in hard to second base to try and steal it. Sometimes you have to slide late to keep your speed up as long as you can. I just love this photo because of everything that it says about Brandon. It has all of the elements that I love in a sports action photo.


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