Dressed to the Nines | Senior Portraits

A Quick and Worthwhile Photo Shoot

Saturday was a busy day for me. It started off with the barn photoshoot from yesterday’s post. I then shot my NCAA softball game for Kentucky at Notre Dame. On the way home I set up a pretty cool senior photoshoot in my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana. We did not have much time to get it in, but we set up a few shots that would make the best use of our time. Matt was a great subject. He had caught both games of a doubleheader prior to coming to the shoot. When he got out of his truck his knee was on ice. If you read this blog you know that I love to photograph catchers. They are the unique element in the game that I love. They are the only defensive player that stands in foul ground during the pitch. They are a unique breed that pays a price to play the game. We made a few pictures in a casual outfit, and then Matt put on his tux. See after the photoshoot Matt had to attend prom. We took some more formal shots of Matt, and then we added some props to have some fun. While having fun with his baseball bat I came up with the idea that you see above. I liked the look, but I didn’t know exactly why. 

Still Influenced By Bo Jackson

Anyone who grew up when I did was in awe of Bo Jackson. He had a unique blend of speed and power that I am not sure we will see again. He could do anything that he wanted to do. While making the photos Saturday I even mentioned the famous Bo Jackson black and white photo of Bo in his shoulder pads with the baseball bat on his shoulders. After looking at this photo for a while I realized why I liked it so much. It reminded me of a photo of Bo in his Auburn football uniform pointing his bat at the camera. It is not a match, but it is a photo that must be stuck in the back of my head. Matt was a great subject that really brought it despite what had to be an exhausting day.


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