A Fulton County Round Barn

A Round Barn Can Cause a Detour

This past weekend while driving up to South Bend for the NCAA Softball Regional I noticed a round barn on the side of the road. Of course with plenty of time on my side I turned into the parking lot to see the barn. They were doing some work on the buildings all around the barn so there were trucks and equipment all over. I found an angle that let me shoot the barn, but hide most of the distracting elements from the camera. I used the small shed for that purpose. In the end I like this photo. It also provided me with a nice distraction on the road. A chance to make a photo before the fast game games on the softball diamond.

Making An HDR Image in Lightroom

This image was a three shot HDR image processed entirely inside of Lightroom. I have seen a lot of negative feedback on the HDR function because of its lack of sliders. How can these people miss the fact that when you hit merge you are taken to the develop module in Lightroom with all of the powerful sliders there, and a 32 bit file to work with? It is a great way to make realistic HDR images.

A Good Day

A good day for me is one where I make some photos that I really like. This was the first photo that I made on the day. I then had some fun shooting softball. That would be a good day with just the two events. That night though I made some senior portraits that I really liked. All in all it was a long day, but one where I felt that I made a lot of good images.


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