A New Look at the Chicago River

A Familiar Photo Gets a New Look

This was one of my first successful photos from this blog. It was a simple look down the Chicago River. Recently I received a request to make this black and white so that it could be printed. While I was doing that I decided to run it through Perfect Photo Suite 9’s Perfect B&W to see what I could do there. I made one for the client, but now it was time to make one for myself. I really liked this version using the Palladium preset that I found under the 19th century processes tab. I think that I liked it because it is so different from anything that I do. I normally like everything neat and tidy in my photos, but I like the way that this looked. I don’t go back often to edit older photos. I feel like I had a vision at the time, and I don’t want to ruin that. When I made this photo though I did not really have the tools that I needed to do it right. I know that I sound a bit like George Lucas here, but I never really achieved what I wanted with this photo. I had Lightroom 3 at the time I think, but I did not know how to use it properly. Now I have a handle on Lightroom 5, and how to make my photos pop a bit more.

Lightroom 6 To Be Released Today?

Of course right after I say that I have a handle on the latest version of Lightroom they are set to release the next one. A lot of rumors are swirling around the internet that Adobe will release Lightroom 6 today. I know that I am excited to see what they have put into the program. Lightroom is basically my one and only stop during the editing process. For my landscape work I will sometimes head to Photoshop, but that is a rare occasion. I use some plug ins along the way, but everything is done through Lightroom. I am very interested to see what new tools I will have to use. For my sports editing I still use Lightroom all the way. I have Photo Mechanic, and I have used it before. On a fast computer though Lightroom 5 really was fast enough for me. I don’t need to caption for what I currently do so the advanced help that Photo Mechanic can give me makes not sense. It is just another step. I have a shoot tonight in Indy for Notre Dame baseball so I will have to see what Lightroom 6 will do to my computer before I install it. I want to see what it can do, but not without slowing myself down. I am sure that in the next couple of days I will have a post with some of my thoughts on the newest version of Lightroom if it indeed does come out.

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