Learning Wedding Photography with Rich Miller and Robert’s Camera

Learning a Little More About Wedding Photography at Robert’s Camera

Yesterday was a good day for my relationship with Robert’s Camera. When they had their old store downtown I never could seem to get what I needed. Things were never easy for me. When they moved locations I decided to give them another chance. I bought a 17-40mm lens about a month ago, and yesterday I bought a 400mm f/2.8 lens from them. The purpose of my trip to Indy was to attend a wedding class put on by Robert’s and photographer Rich Miller. I have shot a couple of weddings in the past, but with one coming up this fall I knew that I wanted to get better. If you know me you know that I always over prepare for a job. When I shot the NCAA Tournament last week I had two teams that I had not seen before. I watched as much game film as I could for both teams to get to know how they play. That helped me a lot when the time came to shoot them. When it comes to weddings I know that I have the skills to shoot them, but I just wanted a few tips. The $36 price tag for the class told me that I would get just that, a couple of tips. By the time the three hour session was over I was in awe. We had a great photographer and two great models at our disposal to help us make great photos. I think that could have charged far more for this class, and it still would have been worth it.

Learning with Rich Miller

While we were waiting for the class to start Rich set up a slideshow of his images. Right from the start I knew that we were in good hands. He is a great photographer that you can see has a passion for what he does. You can’t help but get excited about photographing weddings while listening to him. I found myself looking for moments between the bride and the groom like it was actually a real wedding. It was a great class that I highly recommend. I cannot wait to get out and photograph a wedding now.

More on the Canon 400mm f/2.8 Lens

As I said above I have a new toy to play with. This weekend is full of sporting events so I will have a chance to really test it out. I am sure that you will see a few posts with my reaction to my new lens in the coming days.

Bonus Photos

I had a great time at the class, and I made many photos. After the jump you can see a few of the other photos that I liked from the night. We really had great models who were patient enough for everyone to get a chance to get a shot.

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