2015 NCAA Tournament | Iowa State vs. UAB

Iowa State Loses a Heartbreaker to UAB

When I took the job to shoot the Iowa State tournament action in Louisville it really never crossed my mind that it would be a one game deal. I went over some scenarios with the sports information guys, but it really never occurred to me that Iowa State would get bounced in game one. This was one of those games that you just wait for the team you are covering to turn it on. I knew that Iowa State was a team that would get hot late so I waited for it. It just never came. You could feel the disappointment as the ball was tipped in with 0.4 seconds left in the game. Only a quick tip in could win it for ISU. That or a series of fouls by UAB which you knew would not happen.

Shooting for Iowa State

I have shot for a few teams this season, but Iowa State was one of the best to work with. From day one they gave me everything that I needed to get my job done. This was a deal that came together very quickly as most do this time of the year. Even with that in mind it was a smooth situation. I really wish that I could have shot for them longer.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few photos that I particularly liked from the game. It was not the outcome that I expected, but it still was fun shooting on the big stage. I have posted a gallery here that I will add to in the coming week.


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