NCAA Tournament Media Day Part 1| Louisville Regional

Shooting For Iowa State Athletics

This weekend I will be shooting for Iowa State Athletics. It is pretty cool for me because I spent some time living just north of the campus about ten years ago when in another life. I did not make it to Iowa State nearly as much as I thought I would because of the demands of my job, but I had some fun when I was able to make it down. I wanted to go down to Louisville to see Purdue play, and it was a great opportunity to shoot some tournament basketball. Iowa State was the perfect match for that. They have a great team that could go far in this tournament, and it will be great seeing the start of that run. Maybe I can see them play again in Indianapolis in a few weeks. Media day really is just that. It is a day for the media to get their access to the team. There is a chance to talk to a couple of the players at the podium followed by a chance to talk to the coach. During that time the rest of the team is available in the locker room. For Iowa State I shot the players conference, and the first few minutes of coach Fred Hoiberg’s press conference. From there I ran to the locker room to shoot a little of the players in there. With any luck I will be back in the locker room tomorrow as they celebrate a win.

Shooting an NCAA Tournament Game

I have shot a few big games before, but nothing this big. Last season I shot the first two rounds of the women’s tournament for Oklahoma State and Purdue. That was on the campus for Purdue though so it kind of felt like a regular game to me. From square one this has felt like it was big time. The arena is great, and the fans really are excited to be here. Many Kentucky fans were waiting to get in just so they could have a good seat to watch their team practice six hours later. This is a unique atmosphere for sure. I think that tomorrow could be a great day to shoot some basketball.

The Moments In Between

Part of the fun today was getting some access that I am not used to getting. It is funny that I have to go to the NCAA Tournament to get to do the behind the scenes stuff that I like to do. This shot of one of Fred Holberg’s twins just waiting to go out onto the floor is one that I love from the day. These little moments made the dull nature of shooting the press conferences worthwhile.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few bonus photos from the day today. It was a long day that was broken up with a small break in the middle. I was editing so I missed the break. Long days at something like this can be a lot of fun though. Here are a few shots that I liked. I will be putting a lot more photos in this album here as I go through them.


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