The National Performs at the Music Now Festival | Concert Photography

Matt Berninger of The National performs with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra at the Music Now Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio

Seeing The National Perform Live Again

This weekend I am in Cincinnati to see The National perform at the Music Now festival. This is a great festival that is much bigger than just the one band, but it truly was The National that brought us here. This is the tenth year of the festival which was started by Bryce Dessner who also happens to be in the band The National. I will get more into the festival in a future post. This one will just deal with the second half of last nights show when The National played with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. When The National came out after the intermission we had already seen some great music. It would have been a great show already. One of my favorite all time shows was the Metallica collaboration with he San Francisco Symphony. There is just something great about rock music mixed with the symphonic sound. I had built up this show to be great as well in my mind hoping that I didn’t set too high of an expectation. I was not disappointed. The National came out and had a great show. The highlight for me was the playing of Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. I like their music, but that song stands out to me. I thought that it would be perfect for this show, and it was. Of course we knew going into the show that it would not be a normal length show, but they really did pack a lot into the thirty or so minutes they played. This was well worth the money, and I can’t wait to see what surprises we have in store for us at night two of the festival.

Shooting With the Canon 7D Mark II

Before I left West Lafayette to come here I used the power of Twitter to see what kind of cameras were allowed in the hall. I was thinking that I would be shooting with my Canon G16 again as I do most concerts. I was shocked when they said I could bring anything that I wanted in as long as I didn’t use flash or have a screen lit up. I am shooting a baseball game today so I have my gear with me anyway so why not bring something good into the show? Had I been closer to the stage I would have picked a different set up altogether, but since I knew I was thirty rows back with a balcony above I chose the Canon 7D Mark II with the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 II lens on it. That basically gave me more than the reach of my 300mm lens when you factor in the 1.6x crop. I really did not shoot very much at all during the show. I was just enjoying the music. There were a few times though when I picked up my camera to shoot. This camera performed perfectly for me. I put it in silent mode to stay a little quite, and it was very quiet. I am sure that not many people even heard it when I pressed the shutter button. This really is a great little camera.


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