The Eyes of Wotan | Wolf Park Photography

Photographing the Wolves at Wolf Park

On the last day of February I went into the wolf enclosure at Wolf Park to meet some of the wolves. I was very open on the day without a lot of preconceived notions on what I would shoot. I wanted to take things as they came to me. One photo that I wanted to make is the photo of the wolves eyes. Last week I posted a shot of Dharma’s eyes that I made on this post here. Today it is Wotan’s turn. Dharma was a very social wolf who came up to us many times during the day. Wotan was much more cautious around the strangers in his territory. I ended up next to Wolf Park photographer Monty Sloan to get this shot. Wotan would act like he would come up to the rest of us, but it was Monty that he would come up to most of the time. It was really cool to be shooting next to Monty. He is one of the biggest if not the biggest wolf photographers in the world. It was a great experience to shoot alongside of him.

Help Me Give Back to Wolf Park

As has been the policy of this blog since day one I give 100% of the proceeds from each photo sale from Wolf Park back to the park. You can click here to buy a print of a photo that I made there, and the profit from the photo will go right back to the park. You can also view some of my older posts from the park here. This is the 27th time that I have used a photo from Wolf Park on my blog. They were a source of great inspiration during my photo 365 project.


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