Wotan and Dharma | Wolf Park Photography

Two Members of the Pack at Wolf Park Relax

On the last day of February I had a great time at Wolf Park photographing the Wolves. They were amazing to work with, and I made many images that day. Early on in the experience though I was just kind of feeling things out. They were nervous about the photographers, and we were nervous about them. They seemed to calm down as the treat bags came out. I calmed down after I made this image. I did not make two many images of the two wolves together. They were rarely facing the same direction at the same time. Here though I did manage to capture them looking in the same direction while close to each other. It did help that photographer Monty Sloan was getting ready to throw a piece of lunch meat their way. They were focused on that so that they could get the jump on the other one when it came. When I chimped and saw this shot I knew that I had a winner. Just like at a sporting event I usually am a little tense when it starts. The competitive juices start flowing. Once I see the first good photo though I calm down a bit. That was the case here. I started trying to find new ways to photograph the wolves away from the pack of photographers.

Help Me Give Back to Wolf Park

As has been the policy of this blog since day one I give 100% of the proceeds from each photo sale from Wolf Park back to the park. You can click here to buy a print of a photo that I made there, and the profit from the photo will go right back to the park. You can also view some of my older posts from the park here. This is the 26th time that I have used a photo from Wolf Park on my blog. They were a source of great inspiration during my photo 365 project.


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