Joel Grimes and the Creative Revolution Tour

Joel Grimes speaks at the KelbyOne seminar in Indianapolis

Joel Grimes Touring with KelbyOne

Yesterday I spent my day in Indianapolis at the convention center listening to Joel Grimes. To those who are not photographers they might have balked at the chance to listen to a very good photographer speak for an entire day. I have been looking forward to this since the tour was announced on an episode of The Grid a few weeks ago. They announced that it was happening, and then that Indy would be a stop. I might have pestered the people running the KelbyOne account for a few days until the tour was finally up for sale. I bought a ticket as soon as I found out. Joel is a phenomenal photographer (although he may say differently) who has a very unique style. Sometimes you just need days like today when you can listen to someone that you admire to get a little inspiration. As soon as the first session of the day was over I booked a couple of models for this week to try a few things out. I spent most of the session listening to Joel, but for a minute or so I picked up my iPhone to make a couple of pictures of him. I liked the fact that he was right in front of me with his work in the background. I was tempted to run out to my car to grab my dSLR with the 70-200mm on it to try a shot of him up against the dark background, but I knew that my attention should be on the stage.

Why You Should Go

This was the very first stop on this Creative Revolution Tour. Joel is a great speaker with a lot to say. If you go be prepared for Joel to go over the times that are on the schedule. The bad news is that he goes off on tangents. The good news is that those tangents usually are filled with these great little tidbits of information that make the tour worth your time. If you have seen Joel on KelbyOne or Creative Live you have probably heard a lot of what he will say. It is the little tidbits though that make it well worth the price of admission. One tidbit that will help you get your work seen by Joel is an easy one. He talks about posting his work online. He will get many likes and kudos. One person will come in and say something bad about it. That is the person that he will look into. It is something that we all do, and it is refreshing to hear that he really is just like most of us. He has an easy going personality that makes the day fly by. Click here to learn a little more about the tour, and then see if Joel is coming to a city near you.

A Good Year For Big Names to Drop By

This past year has seen a few of my favorite photographers come to the area. Last November Joel Sartore came to Purdue. I found out about the event the day of it, but I still made my way down to the Union to hear him speak. That same week I was supposed to see Dave Black speak at Robert’s Camera in Indy. Dave is one of my favorites as well, but I came down with something so I didn’t make it. I really wanted to try, but I was in the middle of photographing the Big Ten Soccer Tournament so I figured that I should save up any energy that I had for that. Joel is another photographer that I like. Like the two mentioned above he is a very humble photographer, and I like that. Something about his personality reminds me of a part of myself. That may be why I have been drawn to these three. Whenever I can catch them on a podcast or video I will. To see them speak in person is also a treat. After spending the day with Joel it really makes me want to take part in one of his workshops. That may be in the near future. If you have a chance to catch this tour, or to see Joel speak live I suggest you do it. You can view Joel’s work here. If it doesn’t inspire you to create I don’t know what will.

2 Replies to “Joel Grimes and the Creative Revolution Tour”

  1. It would be nice if these were offered outside the US, but they are all there. Makes me angry to think they inundate me with all the information for it, beg me to go, but I live in another country and could never go. Glad you enjoyed it, I’ve seen Joel on the internet and talked to him via email, very nice guy.

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