West Lafayette Basketball at Central Catholic

Gearing Up For One Shot

Just before I left for the basketball game last night I saw a tweet from the West Lafayette student section saying that they would be out in force and wearing neon. I grabbed my Canon 60D, my 8mm fisheye lens, and my monopod. I would have a rig that I would use for one shot that night. It really would not be good for much else, but I had an idea for a picture. Before the game started I went to the student section, and asked them to give me a cheer. I have a method for doing this type of photo that is a little different than most. I set my timer to 2 seconds and bracket three shots. That means that overtime that I put my camera up I get three shots. To me this is better than having a pocket wizard and firing because I get a quick break, and I can recompose my photo. I have had some success this way. This might be my favorite shot of the night.

Changing Things Up a Bit

Last night I shot mostly with my Canon 5D Mark III. Last season it was my go to camera for basketball, but I have fallen in love with the Canon 7D Mark II. Last night I changed up my kit a bit to get a different look. I was starting to really make the same photos over and over. I think that on senior night next week I will use the 24-70mm lens on the Canon 5D Mark III again. I liked my results tonight with it. The 70-200mm lens on the 7DII is a great combo to get in a little tighter when that is necessary.

Back at Central Catholic

This blog started with a game at Central Catholic. The very first post was of current Purdue receiver Danny Anthrop running back a punt. Last night I saw his younger brother Jackson Anthrop play for CC. He is the third Anthrop brother that I have photographed. They all have the same hard nosed style that is fun to watch. Last night against my team though it was not so fun to watch.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few photos that I liked from the game. You can see the full gallery of 140+ photos here.

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