Stephanie White Returns to Purdue

Stephanie White addresses the Mackey Arena crowd

Another Legend Returns to Mackey Arena

Yesterday I was in Mackey Arena again for one last Purdue women’s basketball game this season. The game was against Illinois, and the Boilers were honoring Stephanie White who is one of the legends of the arena. She was one of my favorite players to watch, and she led the team to the National Title at the turn of the century. It was good to see her back, and to hear the way the crowd appreciated her.

Alumni Day

One of my favorite days of the season is alumni day when we get to see some of our favorite players again. The crowd that gathers on the court to be recognized is usually a small portion of those who come back for the weekend. It is fun to see Boilers of vastly different eras having fun together. It just shows you what a family women’s basketball really is. That is what makes it so fun to watch.

The Game Itself

Purdue started off this game really well grabbing a nice lead early on. Illinois could not hit a shot at one point missing something like 20 straight shots. Purdue led the entire way until Illinois hit a three pointer with just over a minute left to go up one. Purdue could not get that final point, and dropped another rough game. What makes it even harder is that for a long time Purdue was credited with an extra point that was taken away during a time out. That point turned out to be a big one.

Senior Day For Me

I will not be able to make the final home game next Saturday for the girls. I have a shoot at Wolf Park. With that in mind today was my last chance to see a couple of Boilers play. Liza Clemons and Whitney Bays have both given us many memories on the court. I love senior day, and every thing that goes with it. Today I had my last opportunity to photograph the two girls though. They have both been through a lot in their careers, and they deserve a big ovation next weekend.

Bonus Photos

As I usually do I have included a couple of bonus shots below. My full gallery from the game can be found here.
Chantel Poston and Courtney Moses
Chatrice White calls for a timeout during a scramble for a loose ball with Liza Clemons


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