Purdue Wins Against Another Top 25 Team

Purdue Beats Ohio State 60-58 in Mackey Arena

After going through a dry spell against top 25 teams Purdue has reeled off three wins in a row against them. In fact they have done it in three of their last four games. This is a streaking team that seems to be finding itself. That makes the photos fun to make when the arena is rocking. I have to think that if Purdue can take care of business at Minnesota that they might find themselves ranked. This team is fun to watch, and the fans have noticed. This young team has a shot not only to make the NCAA Tournament, but to make some noise while there. If you haven’t noticed by now when I cover a Purdue game I usually put a picture of the player that to me was the player of the game at the top of the post. Today though I have a little trouble doing that. So many contributed in a huge way. Jon Octeus was all over the floor. He had as many rebounds as A.J. Hammond, and he is the point guard! He was a huge spark when his team needed him. A.J. Hammons had the OSU players running scared. They quit trying to go into the paint on him after he kept sending their shots back out. He is gaining confidence, and turning into that scary player that we know he can be. What can you say about Rapheal Davis? He has become the steady playmaker that we need him to be. He is the glue that seems to hold this team together. As Bill Murray would say in Stripes he is the big toe. This is a team again, and that is translating to wins.

Finding a Different Angle

After shooting a lot of basketball the last few days I decided to try and change things up a bit last night. I swapped bodies and cameras to give myself a different view of the game. I was getting into a rut of making the same tight trading card type photos over and over. I needed something different. I think that at times I wanted to go back to what I have been doing, but part of the exercise was to get me out of a rut. I think that it worked, and I made some photos that were a little different than the ones that I had been making. I also had gone away from using my 24-70mm lens. I dusted that one off to use tonight. This weekend I may take a couple of lenses that I don’t normally use just to force myself to think a little differently.

Getting the Dunk Shot

Finally this season I captured a dunk that I like. For some reason I would always have part of a ref, or the player was facing the other direction. I have a few dunk shots of A.J. Hammons, but they are the dunks that for him are more like a layup. This one had a little emotion to it. The only bad thing was that it was an Ohio State player dunking the ball.

The Battle For Position

If you follow my basketball photography then you know that I love this shot. The fight for position as a free throw is in the air can make for some great images. This battle here is one of my favorites of the year. When I first started shooting basketball I would focus on the shooter. I had no idea that I was missing great photos on either side of him.

Purdue Pete Loves Purdue Baseball

Before the game I went up to the West Lounge to see some of the Purdue baseball team signing autographs. I covered almost all of their games last year, and I am very interested in what this season will hold for them. While I was making photos of the team Purdue Pete came up, and as usual mugged for the camera. I thought that it made a nice photo so why not include it here? After another snowfall, and the way that it shut down some of the roads on the way to the stadium today I was ready for a baseball photo.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few bonus shots from the game. You can see the full gallery on my website here.


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